Tune Books

Tugboat Annie’s Session Book – PDF:

This is the PDF version of our session book published in April, 2024. The printed version of this book will be available at our session on Wednesday night at Tugboat Annie’s in Olympia, WA. It has 139 of the most played Celtic tunes from our Irish session. The book is now arranged with the tunes we play in sets placed on sequential pages. A clickable alphabetical index makes it easy to find the next tune. Each tune has its own bookmark. So, you can click on the bookmark an quickly pull up the selected tune.

Here is our current set list for the Wednesday Night Session at Tugboat Annie’s.

The Twitch Stream Tune Book:

The Larger Celtic Tune Book with 408 tunes, This has all the tunes from the Tugboat Annie’s book, plus the tunes from James Hall’s Twitch Stream and is updated frequently. You can find information about the Twitch stream and download the book at the link below.

Using the Session Tunes on your Tablet, Phone or Computer

Our session books are available in two formats PDF and ABC Notation. With the PDF version you can read it with Adobe Acrobat Reader on any system just like you would read any PDF document. The tunes are indexed using bookmarks, so you can quickly find your tune and jump to that page.

With the ABC Notation format it is much more versatile. When the software is installed, you can read the sheet music and also have your phone play the tune back for you to hear the rhythm and melody, or play along with it for practice. You can slow it down or speed it up and even transpose the music with a few clicks. To use the ABC version of the Session Book first install one of the software solutions below, then download the ABC Session Book.


ABC Reader for Windows (Free)

You can download “EasyABC” for free at:

“EasyABC” for Windows

EasyABC for Microsoft Windows

This free program for Microsoft Windows systems displays the music on your screen. If you push the play button it will give you a count in beat then play the melody and chords. You can also adjust the speed of the tune, So you can start out slow while you are learning the tune, then pick up the pace until you can play at session speed. Each note is highlighted as it is played, making it easy to find your place. it uses ABC notation so you can easily add new tunes from thesession.org or abcnotation.com

“A La Mode” for Android Phone or Tablet

An Android app for organizing, viewing, playing and transposing ABC tunes. With this you can always have you music at hand. A new feature now displays mandolin or whistle tab for the tunes. Notes are also highlighted as they are played.

“TunePal” for Apple, Android or Web

TunePal – Web Version

An abc player and query-by-playing search engine from Bryan Duggan which runs on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad & android devices. Also a free online service.

O’Neill’s Music of Ireland
ABC Format

O'Neil's book cover
O’Neill’s Music of Ireland (1903), containing 1,850 Irish Tunes