Tune Books

Session Tunes
PDF or ABC Notation Format

A collection of 167 tunes played regularly at the Tugboat Annie’s Session

Olympia Irish Session Tunes – PDF
Version: 2020 -E – 3/10/2020
You can read this file with a standard PDF reader, usually there is already one installed on your phone, tablet or computer.

Olympia Irish Session Tunes – ABC
Version: 2020 -E – 3/10/2020
This is the ultimate version of the tunes. A computer can display and play the music. But, you will need to install ABC notation software first.

Olympia Irish Session Tunes (Incipits Only)- PDF
Version: 2020 -E – 3/10/2020
A list of all the tunes with
the first two measures of each tune.
Print as PDF booklet

Session Tunes
with Whistle Tab

Whistle tablature or finger patterns

If your want to play the tin whistle and you don’t read music very well. These tunes will get you started. Many people at Irish sessions are excellent players and play mostly by ear. With whistle tab you can start to play right away and if you get serious you may eventually take the training wheels off and either learn to read music or be able to hear something and just play it. Have fun with your musical journey!
Version: 2020 b – 2/17/2020

More Irish Session Tunes
PDF or ABC Notation Format

More Irish Session Tunes – PDF
Version: 2020a

More Irish Session Tunes – ABC
Version: 2020a

O’Neill’s Music of Ireland
ABC Format

O'Neil's book cover
O’Neill’s Music of Ireland (1903), containing 1,850 Irish Tunes

Using the Session Tunes on your Tablet, Phone or Computer

Our session books are available in two formats PDF and ABC Notation. With the PDF version you can read it with Adobe Acrobat Reader on any system just like you would read any PDF document.

With the ABC Notation format it is much more versatile. With an ABC Viewer and Player, you can read the sheet music and also have your phone play the tune back for you to hear the rhythm and melody, or play along with it for practice. You can slow it down or speed it up and even transpose the music with a few clicks. To use the ABC version of the Session Book first install an ABC Reader/Player then download the ABC Session Book.

“A La Mode” for Android Phone or Tablet

An Android app from Carl Turner for organizing, viewing, playing and transposing abc tunes. It also includes a web-based interface to your data.

“TunePal” for Apple, Android or Web

TunePal – Web Version

An abc player and query-by-playing search engine from Bryan Duggan which runs on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad & android devices. Also a free online service.

“ABC Explorer” for Microsoft Windows (free)

ABC Explorer for Microsoft Windows

This is the Windows desktop version that I used to create the Session Book.
Has lots of features and easier ABC input than using a phone or tablet