Cooper Point Hooley – Tune List

1) Swinging on a Gate / Flowers of Edinburg
2) Fanny Power (Planxty)
3) Bill Sullivan’s / Dennis Murphy’s Polka / Sean Ryan
4) Fling McGinty / Pigtown Fling
5) Mari’s Wedding (G)
6) Tobin’s Favorite
7) Over the Ocean / Moon and Seven Stars
8) Nancy Whiskey (G)
9) The Frost Is All Over
10) Siege of Ennis / Maggie In the Woods
11) Northwest Brews (G)
12) St. Joseph’s / St. Anne’s Reel
13) Silver Spire / Silver Spear
14) Planxty Irwin
15) Smash the Windows (D / A)
16) Fox Hunter / Butterfly Jig
17) Irish Washerwoman
18) Off She Goes / Haste to The Wedding
19) Spootiskerry / Banshee
20) Kesh Jig / Swallowtail Jig
21) Wild Rover (G)
22) Concertina Reel
23) Tell Me Ma
24) Off to California
25) Morrison’s Jig
26) Midnight on The Water (D)
27) Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine (D)
28) Ash Grove (G)

Using the Session Book on your Tablet, Phone or Computer

The session book is available in two formats PDF and ABC.

The Session Book PDF Version

Download Session Book as PDF
With the PDF version you can read it with Abobe Acrobat Reader on any system just like you would read any PDF document.

The Session Book ABC Version

Download Session Book as ABC
The ABC format is much more versatile. With an ABC Viewer and Player you can read the sheet music and also have your phone play the tune back for you to hear the rhythm and melody, or play along with it for practice. You can slow it down or speed it up and even transpose the music with a few clicks.To use the ABC version of the Session Book first install an ABC Reader/Player then download the ABC Session Book.

ABC Readers and Players

For Android Phone or Tablet:

Click her to get the “A La Mode” ABC reader À LA MODE

For Apple iPhone or Tablet:

I have not tried this one but it looks good.

For Windows Desktop:

This is the desktop version that I used to create the Session Book.
Has lots of features and easier ABC input than using a phone or tablet