Tunes from our sessions

Dusty and Tom – “New Years in Dublin Session” Tugboat Annie’s in Olympia, Washington

Tugboat Annie’s Session
December 4, 2019
This was recorded live and unrehearsed from a typical session.
Members: Tom, Dusty, Joe, Mike, Linnae, Willie, Keith, Linda, Holly, and Jim

Round the Horn – Jackie Tar
Flowers of Edinburgh – Merrily Kiss the Quakers Wife
King of the Fairies – Temperance Reel
Lark in the Morning
Merry Blacksmith – Wind that Shakes the Barley
The Lilting Banshee
Keith’s Tune
Banish Misfortune
Blarney Pilgrim
Cold Frosty Morning
Amelia’s Waltz
Tripping up the Stairs – Tobin’s Favorite